What guides my actions? The purpose behind what I do

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby
Failure. Loser. Not good enough. Doesn't have what it takes. Won't ever make it.

These are thoughts that have run through my head for the past six years. Ever since I was let go at my first job. The job I poured my heart and soul into only to have it pulled out from underneath me.

Those thoughts dominated my life for six long years. Instead of taking action, pushing the negative thoughts out, I accepted them. I let them control the way that I operated in life.

I knew that had to change. I knew I needed a new message. After spending time to regain my self confidence, I knew that it was time for me to push myself to the next level.

What’s My Why?

The thing that gets me up early in the morning and pushes me through workouts and walks and runs and long swims and everything else is all of the years I said “no” to myself. All of the years that I sat around and did nothing when I could have been doing something about it.

It’s for all of the people who said that I wouldn’t last, that I didn’t have the heart.

It’s for the pain that I’ve had stored up inside of me for way to long. I use that to motivate me. Every extra step, extra rep, extra lap, even when I don’t want to is what pushes me forward.

For me, it’s not about the triathlon. That’s the cherry on top. Crossing that finish line marks the halfway point of a very long journey.

I’m not seeking fame, or money or anything else, I want to be a champion for you.

The number one reason why I do what I do is to inspire you. To show you that anything you want out of life is yours and you have exactly what you need inside of you to make it happen.