Current Data Science Projects

Overview: Different analysis that I’ve been working on lately. I usually try to finish one project before I start another one, but there’s just so much data to analyze!


Fort Collins Employee Earnings

Summary: An analysis of what city employees in Fort Collins are currently earning.

Colorado Rent

Summary: An analysis of rent in colorado as provided by Also automates reporting across multiple counties.

Encrypted Dashboards

Summary: A test to see if I can integrate Shiny, Rstudio Server, Let’s Encrypt on Google Compute Engine.

Reproducible Research Template

Summary: An example of my data analysis workflow used in R.

Analyzing Frasier Crane

Summary: A tidytext analysis of the television show Frasier. Check out the background here

White House Salaries

Summary: An analysis of changes in White House staff salaries over time, including a wage gap analysis.

In Progress

Colorado Business Analysis

Summary: Looking at data from to find trends in businesses over time.

Trump Time

Summary: An analysis of Trump’s tweeting habits pre-election and post-election. Summary: Looking to answer: Does Trump tweet more or less now that he’s president?

Colorado Oil Well Complaint Analysis

Summary: A text analysis of complaints made against oil wells in Colorado, where they’re made and who makes them.


Kaggle: One Million Headlines

Summary: A tidytext analysis of 1,000,000 headlines from ABC news in AUS.

Larimer County, CO Resturant Inspections

Summary: A study to learn more about webscraping with rvest and rselenium.

Congress Legislators

Summary: An analysis of congress men and congress women. The dataset seemed interesting.

Analysis of Colorado Education

Summary: An analysis of Colorado’s Education Performance