Dear old self: It’s not me, it’s you. No really, it’s you

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

Pacific Coast Highway

Dear old self: We’ve had a great life together, we _really _have. There were times when we were happy, when we were sad. We celebrated, we partied and enjoyed life; we dined on fine food and great spirits, but I realized something, We had a problem saying no.

Instead of practicing Hara Hachi Bu (I’ve never heard of that before) we would gorge ourselves past the limit on everything, not just food, just to make us feel better and full on the inside.

Do you remember our favorite meal together? The braised calf’s liver over roasted veggies and potatoes at Bistro d’oc? (pronounnced: Dew-ahh) Yeah, those were the days.

I’m sorry you haven’t been seeing much of me lately. I’ve been out living life with my new self. I know, I know. You think I’m cheating on you. Running around your back with this other ‘fitness floozy.’ I get it.

I miss going to Publick House and enjoying a nice cold beer and eating their fried chicken wings drenched in artery clogging grease, but my new self has promised me something you never could: LIFE.

While we could have continued down the rocky road towards type II diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and cancer, I just wasn’t seeing it. My new self has given me a renewed sense of purpose, more energy, an excuse to get up early every morning, a child like excitement about swimming, biking running and even strength training. I’m genuinely happy now.

So old self, it’s time for you and I to part ways. We’ll always have the reminders of our past times together both physically and mentally. All the body scars, all of the photos and memories of days gone by, but trust me when I say I’m happier now.

I’m sure you’ll stop by from time to time when I’m feeling weak and vulnerable. You’ll want me to come running back to your open arms. Maybe you’ll even try to speak to my ‘inner fat kid’ when I see a candy bar in the store, but rest assured that i won’t be tempted by you any more. I’ll be swimming, biking and running away from you as fast as I can.

The difference is now that people have my back. I have a growing community of like minded people who are going to help hold me accountable during those weak times and push me forward.

So it was great knowing you. I will live long and prosper. You, well you can do whatever you want.