Achieving Greatness

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

New York Deep inside of each one of us lies a dream that is so big we’re too afraid to share it with anyone.

I’m not talking about the the answer you give people when they ask, “If money were no object, what would you do?” That question is a farce because most of us won’t really share our secret dreams.

Why is that? What are we all afraid of? Being chastised? ridiculed? Maybe, but why does that always stop us? Now is the right time to do the impossible; don’t wait another minute.

Maybe your dream is to travel around the world, or win an ironman, or fall in love and be swept off your feet. No matter what it is, I’m telling you that you have absolutely everything you need to accomplish it right now.

When we look back on our lives and tell our grandchildren what we did, will it impress them that we sat diligently in an office from 9 to 5 and when we got home we watched T.V. and talked to our friends on Facebook and Twitter? Not at all. Wouldn’t you rather tell your kids about your secret dream that you were able to conquer despite all the odds? I would hope so.

Before you come up with some excuse, let me go ahead and stop you. An excuse is something you tell yourself right before you decide to chicken out. This is something that you really want, right? Aren’t you tired of telling yourself “maybe next time”?

When you’re ready to set out on this epic journey, the first thing I want you to do is announce to the world that you’re doing it. Getting over yourself and putting it out there is the most simple, yet fearful, thing you can do. I promise you that you can do it.

And to practice what I preach, I’m announcing today a new section to my site: See Chip Swim, Bike & Run. I’ve decided that part of taking control of my life is doing something that I never thought was possible. I’ve got nine months to prepare for a triathlon and I’m going to chronicle everything that happens along the way.

The beauty of this is it’s not my secret dream. This is only a baby step to an even bigger goal that I have. I can only accomplish it once everything else has fallen into place. So until then just bear with me.

So tell me, What do you want to do?