The Journey Home

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

I went down to Great Falls today as evacuees returned home. This is Amanda and Mario Morales. They lived right behind the Great Falls Mill that burned down last week. They’ve been out of their home since Wednesday afternoon of last week. I talked to them for a while as they walked around and surveyed the damage. “We were lucky, we were so afraid that the fire would jump the road and that our house would burn down. I’m just glad to be back, It’s good to sleep in my own bed again.” Amanda said. “We didn’t imagine that anything like this would happen here.”

Some of the townspeople I talked to today were put off by all the attenion they’ve been getting lately, but for others, it’s back to their everyday normal life. One of the ladies I talked to felt like she had been forced from her home.