elapsed time

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

You know, it seems like this blog was so much eaiser to update when I had a full time job and something to post. Right now, I’m just seeking full time work at another newspaper. Yes I understand that I could go out and get any other job, but that’s not what I want to do. That’s how it starts. You start thinking about bills, insurance and everything else under the sun, so you tell yourself that “you’ll just get a job to cover the bills” Then you keep working to maintain the lifestyle that you created the first time around and then before you know it, it’s been one full year and you haven’t shot a single assignment.

So this is my plea, I need help. I need help from anyone who can give me any advice. I need a full time job as a news photographer, I don’t want to waist my god given gift, it would be a shame. I have no idea how or who to network with. Things are very confusing right now. I need work, but when you read the chatter on the internet, you start to ask yourself if you’re really screwing yourself and every other photographer over by not keeping your copyright? I wish that I could go into detail about some of the contracts that I’ve signed before, but I’m afraid of doing so, it might hurt my ability to continue shooting. Most newspapers want 100% of your copyright and are willing to pay next to nothing. And if I don’t take it, someone else will, because they want to make a name for themselves. They don’t take much into consideration and nor do we, it’s bad right now for my industry.

I have considered grad school, but from what I understand, you have to have a thesis? What would I say? What is my position on topics in the world? My problem, I don’t have a really strong passion about many things, only a few. For example, how is it possible that 62 million people can vote for Amercian Idol, but we can never get those kind of numbers to elect a president? Or Brad and Angelia are going to sell exclusive photos of their baby to Getty Images and procceds go to charity. Who cares about their baby? We are the richest nation in the world, but yet are one of the most wasteful and we take everyday things for granted. It makes me sick, I know, I too am the same way.

I’m starting to think that there’s no justice left in the world. Who will stand up for the people with no voice? Is it that hard to give 30 dollars a month to a family who really needs it? I can understand being the CEO of a big company, I’m sure it’s stressful, but 626 million dollars for a yearly salary? I’m sure that doesn’t include “gifts” either. Where’s the justice in keeping someone who is a half asser and fire those who care? Should we just not care anymore? No and that’s the problem, all we care about is us and keeping us happy. Why not help someone else? just one small favor, it could be anything, but just show someone that they matter to you, that is if you’re not to busy and you can pencil me in on your blackberry.