Southern Exposure

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

You’ll have to look at this photo for a couple of minutes before you link the title and the photo together, but this is shot from the Lancaster Raceway.

Every year, hundreds of race fans and drivers gather at the Lancaster Raceway, known as the dirt track. This track sends many race fans back to days of yester year, when red dirt, not asphalt, good old know how, not scientific formulas ruled the track.

For many, it was the honor of winning a race that meant more than just a cash prize. There’s a quote on the winners circle that says “If you can finish in the top five here, you can win at any track in the country.”

Many hours are put into preparing for one race that a driver might not win. Some do not make it past the qualifing heat because of a blown engine or other mishap, but that will only fuel their return for next week’s race.

To each of the drivers it means something different. Ages range from 15 to 50, but when the green flag drops the only thing that matters is how you push the clutch and drive your car around each turn and for once, they are all equal, no matter what age.