Take my picture

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

How many times have I heard that? 50, 100+. I use to loathe people who would ask that question, now, it’s more of a game to me. I try to see how fast I can photograph someone after they’ve asked me to take their picture, and how off guard they were. That act is usually always followed by “hey, i wasn’t ready” which I always quickly reply “well neither was I when you asked me!” Sometimes, I’ll take another one.

Seriously though, one day, I will publish a book called “Take my picture” and include all of these photos of people who have made this request. Another thing that got me thinking about all of this is when Gov. Mark Sanford was in town on Thursday night. I was there and i took his picture. This one could be similar to the thinking man statue if i would have worked it more, but I was busting my butt, since all the republicans in the room were talking about the “liberal media”. What the heck is that? Anyway, I was getting ready to leave and this guy was like, Chip, do you mind taking a picture of me and the governor? I did wihout thinking much about it. Then I realized, no one ever ask if I want my picture taken with anyone, I even have my own camera! But, I think ethically, that would be wrong. I guess I have to enjoy knowing that I was there and that I got to photograph this important person, and I have the proof, and hope to god that someone else with a camera will take a picture of me, like I do of them!

Gov. Sanford, Republican and thinking man! Enjoy!