AKA Ball

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

“I’m so nervous, look at my hands shake. I hope I do good, I hope nothing messes up.” Ashley said backstage before the begining of the Pearls of Perfection ball tonight. This is part of an Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) debutante program that young black women from the county are in. Tonight was hard for most of them, who would be showcasing their talent in front of a live studio audience. I usually like to get to these types of events early so that I can hangout and get to know the people that I’llbe photographing later on. It also provides me with some time to get the subjects use to the idea of a camera, and allows me to work on my vision and also take candid photographs.

It’s amazing, but some people can’t tell the difference between a candid and a posed photos. Some people just can’t see it. I’ve even asked people, civilians aka non-photographers, how I pose people so perfectly? I tell them that I can freeze time. Really? How do you do that? I just click this button right here, and this moment is frozen in time forever! Shortly there after, they realize that I’m talking about taking a photograph, not actually freezing time, lol.

I’ve worked pretty hard this week, now I’ll be able to enjoy having the apartment all to myself and enjoy some much needed R&R.; Have a great weekend, I usually don’t post on monday’s unless I go somewhere or take photos of something over the weekend, I’ll see you all tuesday.