Our recent trip to Colorado

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

Early Morning Flight on Southwest

We had the very fortunate opportunity to go back to Colorado for a few days to attend a wedding with our best friends. It was such a great chance to get back to the place that has such a huge place in our hearts.

Our trip was short, but we did take some time for ourselves, which included a stay in downtown Denver with dinner at Earl’s Kitchen, a stay at The Magnolia and a visit to the Denver Art Museum to the see the Degas exhibit.

In Denver: 3AM

I’m always struck by the rugged beauty of Colorado. Our friends live in Nunn, which is close-ish to the front range, but I could spend forever out there just exploring the area.

The Degas exhibit at the Denver Art Museum was also amazing. I only knew of Degas from the TV show White Collar, don’t worry, we didn’t pull a Neal Caffery on anything though. :)

Degas was fascinating because he was self-taught and always pursued perfection with his work.

Degas: Dancing Lessons