What could we do with $98 million?

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

What could we do with $98,000,000 (98 million) and 2,205,000 hours?

This weekend’s box office smash, Fast and Furious 6 netted 98 million in sales. Our tickets to a different movie this weekend cost $10. So we can estimate that about 980,000 people went to see this movie. The move is about 135 minutes (with end credits) so collectively, we watched about 2 million hours worth of movies. That’s just for one movie. The Hangover Part III netted $42 million (which we saw and cost us $31.50) while the new Star Trek gained an additional $38 million dollars.

We can break it down to a singular level and ask what would you do with $10 and 135 minutes?

Which of the world’s problems could we solve? Cancer? Unemployment? Crime? Hunger?