Week three spin and swim recap

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

Today marks week three for the triathlon training and I was all over the place! Mary and I went down to the YMCA on Friday and completed our second H.I.I.T class and swam six laps afterwards. The lifeguard that was on duty complimented me and said my form had gotten better since the last time I was swimming. I also went to Todd and Moore and picked up some swim goggles and a swim cap. I’ll need to go back eventually and get some better ear plugs.

The HIIT class showed me that if I want to get serious about the triathlon, I’ll have to really work on my cardio. I was pretty winded and exhausted after the hour long class and I’ll need the stamina to make it through at least three hours at the triathlon.

As some of you know, I will be ending my job with The South Carolina Policy Council at the end of the year. My last official day was this past Wednesday, but I’m planning on starting my own business.

Chip on a merry go round.

I’ll have more details later. This has kind of thrown a wrench in things (stability and security) but I’m excited about the opportunity for things to come. I’ve decided to go ahead and continue training on a daily basis and working it into my everyday routine. See, all of these huge changes can be great!

I took a personal day on Saturday and competed in a local scavenger hunt with some friends and that was really fun. How do you like this picture? I thought you might.

On Sunday, Mary and I took her new Trek Lexa road bike out for a ride and did 9 miles followed by a short one mile interval walk and run. It always feels great to have friends who are able to help me out and be supportive about what I’m doing. I owe a lot of thanks to #teamchip on facebook!

While riding in Columbia has been great, I know that I’ll eventually have to take my bike up to the Blue Ridge Parkway in the spring and start riding and training there. I’ll need time to get use to riding on the steep mountain inclines and the BRP seems like the perfect place!

I’m also getting the itch to buy a road bike. I haven’t settled on one yet, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know!