Week four spin and swim recap

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

These past two weeks have been tough for me emotionally and physically. Two weeks ago my family lost a very close friend who meant a lot to us. I found out while I as at the YMCA working out. It felt awful because there wasn’t anything I could do at the time and I tired to push myself through the swim part of the workout but I felt like I was drowning the whole time. I just gave up.

I’m also in the midst of starting my own business so I have that to deal with working more on a daily basis, but I’m still cycling and riding afterwards every single day. On Sunday of this week, I got in a nice 12 mile bike ride and two mile run/jog.

I have seen improvements in my running as well. I got some tips from a good friend of mine who’s an avid runner and it seems to help my form. I’m working on jogging in intervals so I don’t tire myself out too quickly, patience and persistence is the key for me right now.

I’m trying to keep myself going through the winter and eat healthy because I don’t want to put on any weight that I may have lost over the past two months.

Christmas and New Years Eve are right around the corner, so for me that means portion control. Not over indulging on sweets and alcohol during this time will be key.

I plan on visiting my family and taking my bike with me. It will be good to get out on some country roads where I can do longer distance cycling outside of the city limits.

I want to hear from you, how do you keep in shape and keep yourself in check during the Christmas holidays?