MLK Day 3

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

Another shot from the King Day at the Dome. This is another “clean and graphic” shot from the parade. I think most of the photos that I picked for my final edit came mostly from the first 30 minutes of the event, while I was there. It’s not that the rest wasn’t important, I just know the limitations of my equipment and have to work with what I’ve got.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these signs from the event. Even the confederate people had massed produced signs and even a website, but what does that say about the people at the march/rally? Are home-made signs not good enough anymore? Do they just not care? How did protest signs even get started? My guess is that they were used duing a “silent” protest and shortly thereafter, became the norm for everyday protest. But what is it they’re protesting about? Is it about the flag? War? The death of Martin Luther King?