Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

I’ve been working
‘neath The grey sky
And I’m wonderin’
Still, I’m wondering why
Must I lay low
In a room full of strangers?
Well, I’m thinking
Thinking makes the danger
My emotions they get all tangled up and
My heart has just turned ‘round

Sometimes I wish I could express what I’m feeling better than what usually comes out of my mouth. Words are a lot harder than photos. The photos come naturally, when you least expect them, but most of the time, words are hard to find. It’s hard explainging to someone your feelings, when you know good and well they don’t care are want to listen.

Listening to people is really hard. It’s easy to hear people, but it’s hard to listen to them. I’ve wondered before if most people listen, or if they just hear?

It feels good to start posting again. It’s been something that I’ve been neglecting to do for a number of reasons. One, a steady internet connection and two, I haven’t been out taking many photos. It use to be easy to photograph people, now since I don’t really have a purpose to be at an event, it makes it tougher. There are always a lot more questions about why I’m photographing something/someone, I guess it’s something that you learn to overcome. I can’t say that I’m on assignment, but I’m an employee of the paper, which usually leads to more questions, which I suppose is better than the command statement “Take my picture!” that usually works.

I went to the fair today for the first time, it was interesting. I’ll go back tomorrow afternoon if the sun is out. I was ran off by some irrate worker while trying to photograph a booth. I had a good shot set up and the guy just walks in front of me telling me that I’ll have to go to customer service if I want to continue to take pictures. Why is this my luck? What did I do to deserve his harassment? And how did he know that I haven’t been there already? This sucks…. Other than that, the fair was cool, a little weird, but kind of cool. I’ll be sure to post some more photos on here later.