Pano Action

Chip Oglesby bio photo By Chip Oglesby

Ok, back to the real world. I will have hit all three areas with the conclusion of going to the mountains this weekend. Charleston, Columbia and Asheville, not bad for three weekends. Yesterday was rough, I’m glad I posted something in the morning because I couldn’t do it last night, too tired. I worked 13 hours and 1 hour for lunch, which suprisingly, is always about business, so I should be getting paid to have lunch, don’t see that happening anytime soon though.

I noticed something new on the way to work this morning, someone tagged the back of the old Winn-Dixie, we’ve run some of the “gang related” stuff in the paper, and I was wondering, why doesn’t someone just set up shop in the bushes to catch the people doing this? It had to happen between 10:30pm and 10:00am, which I know, 12 hours is a long time, but, still.

Anyway, today’s picture is from yesterday’s soccer game. I was there for a total of 15 minutes, and had to walk away with something good. This is the same girl that I photographed earlier this year, and ended up in Sports Illustrated. Have a great weekend.