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2015 Fort Collins Employee Earnings Analysis

An analysis of 2015 Fort Collins, CO City Employee Earnings

Fort Collins, Colorado Employee Earnings

An analysis of 2015 Fort Collins CO Employee Earnings

Data overview

The data pulled from the Fort Collins Open Book website is available in the data folder. There were variables added to the dataset:

  1. serviceArea: Using the organizational chart, the the serviceArea was added to organize the service units and departments into a better structure.
  2. year: To tidy the data for future use, a year variable of 2015 was added to the data.
  3. hourlyWage: In 2015, The Associated Press reported that the minimum wage for Colorado was $8.23. Under the assumption that any employee earning more than $17,506/year would be full time, we calculated their possible hourly salary. Many employees are salaried, so this is more for informational purposes.
  4. status: The status variable is used to help categorize employees into different buckets. Employees earning more than the assumed $8.23/hour would be labled as full time while anyone earning less would be part time or contract.

  5. Please note, the following entites are not part of the City of Fort Collins and have been removed from the analysis. The City has a partnership and intergovernmental agreement with each entity and they provide services to them, such as HR and Finance, so their data is in the system.

As of 2015, there are 11 service areas with a total of 1416 employees.

Data example

jobTitle department earnings year serviceArea hourlyWage status
city manager city manager’s office 258704.9 2015 city manager 124.38 full time
deputy city manager city manager’s office 174086.5 2015 city manager 83.70 full time
chief of police office of the chief 169963.8 2015 police services 81.71 full time
chief financial officer finance administration 163179.2 2015 financial services 78.45 full time
assistant city manager city manager’s office 159519.0 2015 city manager 76.69 full time
assistant city manager city manager’s office 156335.9 2015 city manager 75.16 full time
city attorney city attorney’s office 139572.6 2015 city attorney 67.10 full time
police assistant chief office of the chief 134733.9 2015 police services 64.78 full time
chief information officer information technology 130630.2 2015 information and employee services 62.80 full time
systems analyst information technology 128388.3 2015 information and employee services 61.73 full time

Table: Overview by Service Area

serviceArea departmentCount jobTitleCount employeeCount medianSalary
police services 3 25 286 80195.07
information and employee services 2 57 98 65725.87
city attorney 1 10 24 57571.79
deputy city manager 1 6 6 57108.05
utility services 9 105 244 54644.11
city manager 1 13 20 48765.03
community and operation services 6 103 255 47498.33
sustainability services 3 15 23 42539.25
planning development & transportation 9 122 391 37477.48
financial services 6 38 55 36946.86
judicial services 1 8 14 20111.85
Department Analysis - Read the quick analysis by service area here.
City Attorney
City Manager
Community & Operation Services
Deputy City Manager
Financial Services
Information & Employee Services
Judicial Services
Planning, Development & Transportation
Police Services
Sustainability Services
Utility Services